Welcome to my author shop. I hope you like it here and find what you are looking for. Yours Adéla Rúčková, painter

About the Artist


I am a painter who mostly paints with oil paints. My main theme oscillates around children's souls and landscapes. 

The children's theme appears fully in the series Creatures of the Garden, which I created for a beautiful kindergarten in the Eagle Mountains. The Landscape of Childhood series reflects my childhood experiences associated with foglarks and adventures.

The theme of wandering and getting to know oneself through the landscape is the theme of my Landscape to Myself series.

I also draw and write books for children. They bring me great joy and I hope they will bring you joy too. I already have ideas for more and I am looking forward to it.

If you would like to get an original oil painting from me, please visit my english website or see this section of originals in this e-shop. From some of the originals I created canvas prints, most of them in limited editions. If you want you can follow my work on Facebook and Instagram.